Stud diode and stud thyristor Solutions: The Reliable Alternative Offered by Powerex

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The electronics industry is in constant evolution, and it is not uncommon to see manufacturers discontinuing the production of older components in favor of new technologies. Others face supply or planning difficulties and announce significant delays. This can pose a major challenge for companies that rely on these components for their existing systems and applications. This is especially true for stud diodes (also known as bolt diodes or screw diodes) and stud thyristors (also known as screw thyristors). Powerex has solutions to help its customers address these challenges.

Dependable Alternatives for Sustainable Performance

Powerex is increasingly sought after for these specific demands. We have already been able to provide numerous alternatives to our customers. We understand that replacing obsolete components can be tricky, as it can affect the performance and durability of existing systems. That’s why we offer carefully designed alternatives that closely match the performance of the old products. Our screw diodes and thyristors are rigorously tested to ensure perfect compatibility with existing systems.

A Trusted Partner

Powerex has firmly established itself as a trusted partner for companies facing the challenges of technological evolution. Our commitment to quality and tailored offerings allows us to provide solutions for screw diodes and screw thyristors that meet the unique needs of our customers.

Below is the equivalence table between Powerex and other suppliers:

DO-205AC(DO-30)DO8R51600V – 150A
DO-205AB(DO-9)DO9R62600V – up to 300A
B-8R71600V – 550A
2600V – 450A
4500V – 300A
TO-209AC(TO-94)T51600V – up to 100A
TO-209AB(TO-93)T61600V – up to 200A
TO-209AE(TO-118)T72400V – up to 350A
Equivalent table of stud diodes and stud thyristors sold by Powerex

To learn more about our range of screw diodes and screw thyristors, as well as our alternative solutions for legacy products, feel free to contact us.