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Standard Diodes

  • Rated Voltages up to 6500V
  • Average Currents up to 10000A
  • Silicon Diameter from 16mm to 100mm
  • Special available on request

Fast Recovery Diodes

  • Rated Voltages up to 4500V
  • Average Currents up to 1500A
  • Silicon Diameter from 16mm to 63mm
  • Special available on request

Diodes modules


Thyristor and Diode modules from Powerex ranging from 600V to 11,000V.

POW-R-BLOK™ Applications Include:

  • Battery Chargers
  • Induction Heating/Melting
  • Medical Equipment
  • Motor Controls
  • Power Supplies
  • UPS
  • Welding

POW-R-BRIK™ Applications Include:

  • AC Motor Starters
  • DC Motor Controls
  • Mining Power Centers
  • Resistance Welding Controls
  • Transportation

Customized Diodes and Thyristors

POWEREX Europe is able to propose and develop specific products in relation with its customers to meet particular needs such as railway / military / aeronautic / industrial applications.

  • identification (marking)
  • Mechanics: non-standard dimensions (specific housing), customized wires and terminals.
  • Hermeticity
  • Reduced weight
  • Additional electrical tests (non-standard)
  • Termination (leads, power leads, threading…)
  • Matching for series and/or parallel connection
  • Data records

Our power diodes, thyristors, SCR and IGBT are marked with logo PRX

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