Standard thyristors

Standard thyristors are designed for low-speed, low-power applications. They can cut or switch the current in a circuit, but they are not designed to handle high current or voltage levels. They are often used in low-power control and power circuits.

    • Maximum voltage 6500V
    • Maximum average current 5000A
    • Silicon diameter from 16mm to 100mm
    • Special products on request

Fast thyristors

Fast thyristors are designed for high-speed, high-power applications. They are capable of rapidly cutting or switching current in a circuit, even at high current and voltage levels. They are often used in high-power circuits, such as power converters and voltage regulators.

    • Maximum voltage 2400V
    • Maximum average current 2100A
    • Silicon diameter from 16mm to 77mm
    • Special products on request

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What is a thyristor?

A power thyristor is a bi-stable, three-terminal device with alternating P and N layers.

Custom Diodes and Thyristors

POWEREX Europe is able to propose and develop specific products in conjunction with its customers to meet particular needs such as railway / military / aeronautical / industrial applications.

  • identification (marking)
  • Mechanical: non-standard dimensions, special housings, custom wires and terminals
  • Waterproofing
  • Reduced mass
  • Additional electrical tests (non-standard)
  • Connections (wire, braid, thread, etc.)
  • Pairings for series and/or parallel connection
  • PV of measurements

Our power diodes, thyristors and IGBTs are marked with the logo