What is a thyristor ?

A thyristor is a solid-state semiconductor electronic switch consisting of four layers, alternately N and P doped. It is one of the essential components of power electronics. Its name comes from the Greek thura, which means gate, and the suffix “istor”, which comes from the word transistor.

Phase Control Thyristors

  • Rated Voltages up to 6500V
  • Average Currents up to 5000A
  • Silicon Diameter from 16mm to 100mm
  • Special available on request

Fast And Inverter Thyristors

  • Rated Voltages up to 2400V
  • Average Currents up to 2100A
  • Silicon Diameter from 16mm to 77mm
  • Special available on request

Thyristors Modules


Thyristor and Diode modules from Powerex ranging from 600V to 11,000V.

POW-R-BLOK™ Applications Include:

  • Battery Chargers
  • Induction Heating/Melting
  • Medical Equipment
  • Motor Controls
  • Power Supplies
  • UPS
  • Welding

POW-R-BRIK™ Applications Include:

  • AC Motor Starters
  • DC Motor Controls
  • Mining Power Centers
  • Resistance Welding Controls
  • Transportation

Customized Diodes and Thyristors

POWEREX Europe is able to propose and develop specific products in relation with its customers to meet particular needs such as railway / military / aeronautic / industrial applications.

  • identification (marking)
  • Mechanics: non-standard dimensions (specific housing), customized wires and terminals.
  • Hermeticity
  • Reduced weight
  • Additional electrical tests (non-standard)
  • Termination (leads, power leads, threading…)
  • Matching for series and/or parallel connection
  • Data records

Our power diodes, thyristors, SCR and IGBT are marked with logo PRX

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