Measurement services

Specialized testers, with computerized results

Testers for static or dynamic measurements.
Press for pressurizing elements
Standardized tests.
Temperatures up to 200°C.

Static measurement acquisition software.

Analysis and recording of readings.
Report generation.

Software for measuring stored loads

Analysis and recording of readings.
Report generation.

Custom Diodes and Thyristors

POWEREX Europe is capable of proposing and developing specific products in conjunction with its customers, to meet particular needs such as railway/military/aeronautical/industrial applications.

  • identification (marking)
  • Mechanical: non-standard dimensions, special housings, custom wires and terminals
  • Waterproofing
  • Reduced mass
  • Additional electrical tests (non-standard)
  • Connections (wire, braid, thread, etc.)
  • Pairings for series and/or parallel connection
  • PV of measurements

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