1962C.F.S Westinghouse moves its static converters and semiconductor activities from Paris to Le Mans.
1967Jeumont Schneider semiconductor department merges with C.F.S.W which becomes C.D.S.Westinghouse.
1986Creation of POWEREX Inc., Joint Venture for power semiconductors between Westinghouse General Electric and Mitsubishi Electric.
In Le Mans, C.D.S.W. becomes POWEREX Europe SA.
1987POWEREX Europe SA acquires the CGEE ALSTHOM semiconductor department.
1994POWEREX Europe SA becomes POWEREX Europe MA and merges in the SERES federation of companies. This federation of companies specialized in electronics employs more than 3500 people for a turnover of 250 M Euros.
1998ISO 9002 certification by AFAQ
1999AQF2 (Attestation Assurance Qualité Ferroviaire) by SNCF (French railways)
2001IS0 9001 certification by AFAQ
PEMA merges with BELCO
2007ISO 9001 : 2008 certification
2010EN 9100 : 2009 certification (aerospace requirements).

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