Our products and services

  • Manufacturer of high power diodes and thyristors in France since 1962, we guarantee the very high quality and reliability of our products.
  • Our structure allows us to customize our products and services to the needs of our customers.
  • Our partnership with Powerex Inc (a joint venture between General Electric and Mitsubishi Electric) enables us to bring our customers the most advanced products and technologies in the field of power semiconductors.


Rated Voltages up to 6500V
Average Currents up to 5000A
Silicon Diameter from 16mm to 100mm
Special available on request
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New Assemblies and Renovations
IGBT Assemblies
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Specialized testers, with computerization of results
Static Measurements acquisition software.
Software for measuring stored loads
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Our clients


What is a power thyristor?

Power thyristors are electronic components used in many applications to control electrical current. They are particularly useful in power circuits because they can handle high levels of current and voltage. There are several types of

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